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Why Dentists Should Utilize Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Do you make regular use of diagnostic wax-ups in your practice? If not, you’re likely missing out on some major benefits they provide.

As a dentist, providing your patients with the best possible care is always your top priority. But, achieving a perfect outcome in some cases can be challenging, especially if your patient is dealing with complex dental issues.

And, that’s exactly the sort of situation in which a diagnostic wax-up can come to your aid.

This simple process offers a wide variety of benefits to help you provide more comprehensive care and achieve better results for your patients.

So, what are they, and how exactly can they help?

Let’s dive dive into the world of diagnostic wax-ups and take a look.

What is a Diagnostic Wax-Up?

A diagnostic wax-up refers to a process in which a dental lab creates a mock-up model of a proposed treatment for the patient.

These models simulate how the patient’s teeth will appear after the dental procedure is completed.

It can also be used to create the temporary restorations for the first step of the patient’s treatment.

The Benefits of a Diagnostic Wax-Up for Dentists

The primary benefit of a diagnostic wax-up is that it helps you communicate with your patients regarding their plan of care.

Often, patients may find it hard to grasp what a proposed dental procedure entails. But, if you can show them a physical model of the proposed procedure, the visual representation can put them at ease and help sell the patient on your proposed treatment plan.

A diagnostic wax-up also can help you identify any issues early on in the process, minimizing costly adjustments, remakes, or delays.

The Benefits of a Diagnostic Wax-Up for Patients

Patients benefit greatly from diagnostic wax-ups in several ways.

First, as mentioned above, they get to see a close-up visual representation of the expected outcome, allowing an easier path towards understanding the process.

Second, patients can provide feedback on the wax-up model, which helps you fine-tune the final result to meet the patient’s expectations.

Finally, diagnostic wax-ups help reduce the need for multiple restorative visits and allows for better prediction of the final outcome.

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Preparing and Implementing a Dental Wax-Up Model

To prepare for a diagnostic wax-up, you or your team should obtain a full arch intraoral scan or impression of the patient’s teeth and a bite registration, as well as take preoperative photos.

The scan/impression is then sent to your dental lab, which uses it to create a physical model of the patient’s mouth. The dental lab then uses this to create the diagnostic wax-up model.

Utilizing 3D design software, the lab can design the final result to meet your patient’s expectations while taking their existing anatomy and tooth position into account.

Once complete, the wax-up model is returned to the dentist, for use in the treatment process. Use the wax-up model to fabricate the temporaries, ensuring that it matches the plan the patient signed off on.

Find the Right Dental Lab Partner

Of course, to get the most out of a diagnostic wax-up model, it’s important to choose the right dental lab partner.

Look for a lab that uses the latest technology and software in creating the wax models.

Additionally, ensure your lab partner has the necessary expertise in creating dental restorative products and willing to work with you to achieve the best results.

At First Choice, we not only utilize the latest in technology, but proudly maintain a staff of experienced technicians, capable of handling even the toughest cases you may face.

Key Takeaways

Diagnostic wax-ups are an effective tool that can help you provide better care to your patients & streamline the treatment process.

By providing a visual representation of the expected outcome, diagnostic wax-up models help your patients understand the dental procedure, provide feedback, and enable the you to fine-tune the final restoration.

And, by identifying issues early on, diagnostic wax-up models help save you cost and minimize delays.



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