Removable Restorations

Night Guards

KeySplint™ 3D-Printed Nightguard

Keystone Industries has developed a one-of-a-kind 3D printing resin for the fabrication of flexible dental splints and nightguards. This DLP-optimized resin is an exceptional printing material, that combines the strength needed to protect teeth against disorders like bruxism with added flexibility for better patient comfort. KeySplint Soft is also easily cleaned by the patient.

Bite splints - First Choice Dental Lab

Clear Retainers/Essix Style

Essix retainers gently guide teeth into a position where the upper and lower sets are even, straight and align with each other. Though the teeth may feel firmly set in your patient’s mouth, they move when under constant pressure, and can assume new positions in the mouth all on their own. Essix retainers maintain the intended position following orthodontic treatment, all while providing minor corrections to slightly misaligned teeth if needed.

Hard/Soft Nightguards

These night guard have soft liner overlay reproduction of the current dental arch form, with added layers of hard acrylic to provide flat occlusal planes. It has an even thickness, is contoured to replicate the arch form, and has a flat plane added.

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Soft Nightguards

This all-flexible EVA material is used in cases with sensitive or missing teeth, or an unusual draw. It is also used for athletic mouthguards. The standard, even thickness is 3mm, and thickness can be added by request. It is soft/flexible in the mouth and

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