Speed up workflow
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Digital Dentures

An example of a Asiga 3D printers used in the digital denture creation process

No Intraoral Scanner Needed

Digital dentures refer to our lab’s manufacturing method – not a need for digital scanners on your end.

Through the use of our CAD/CAM software, faster, more accurate dentures are created, through 3D printing and customized milling processes.

However, if you do utilize an intraoral scanner system, the benefits are even greater, significantly reducing the time required on your end.

Faster Turnaround Times

With or without the use of an intraoral scanner, digital dentures speed up your workflow, with fewer appointments and less chairside time required.

With the use of an intraoral scanner, complete dentures can be created in as few as 2 or 3 appointments!

Fewer appointments and less chair time means more profit for your practice.

A screenshot of the digital denture workflow process using 3shape software

Unmatched Quality, Reliability, and Consistency

Utilizing Dentsply Sirona’s Printed Lucitone material, our digital dentures are actually stronger than traditional acrylic dentures.

Due both to material properties, as well as how the teeth are cured into the base, we create dentures with a strength of 3000 j/m², more than twice the strength of regular acrylic.

Our CAD software also alerts us to any issues & assures that minimum and uniform thicknesses are produced.

Easily & quickly reproduce lost/broken dentures

Ever had a patient lose or break a denture? Normally, that means starting the entire process over from a custom tray, many more appointments, and a frustrating experience for both you and your patient.

But, when you choose the digital route, simply call us and we can refabricate the exact same denture in a short time frame.

No new impressions. No additional appointments. No frustration.

Just a phone call, and done.

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Multiply benefits with Intraoral scanners

Utilize an intraoral scanner in your practice?

When you can utilize a patient’s existing denture, you can cut your time in half, with most dentures being completed in as few as 2 or 3 appointments.

Fewer appointments significantly reduces your chair time, making it a far more profitable procedure for your practice.

Utilize your scanner and the reference denture technique to get us the information we need (for specific IOS instructions, see resources below.)

We Offer a Scanner Leasing Program at minimal cost

Wish you could enjoy the benefits of an intraoral scanner, but aren’t ready to commit to the cost?

We offer a scanner leasing program that’s just right for your practice.

Just contact us to find out how you could lease an intraoral scanner at little – or even no cost, with our scanner leasing program!

Learn more about the program, right here: First Choice Lab Scanner Leasing Program

Reference Denture Technique Resources

Reference Denture Workflow, With Dentsply Sirona

iTero Digital Denture Workflow

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