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Improving Your Implant Case Acceptance Rate

It’s not always easy convincing your patients to be completely onboard with their dental implants. Often, the price alone deters them from your recommended option, even it’s the more appropriate solution. If you want to improve your implant case acceptance rate, you’ll need a few strategies.

When the time comes, how you frame the conversation with your patients becomes critically important.

You’ll need to present your recommendation in a convincing, reassuring manner. And, you’ll need to do so without it coming across like a sales pitch.

While it sounds like something easier said than done, there exist a few tried-and-true methods you can utilize to make the experience more effective.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the struggles dentists face when looking to improve implant case acceptance rates, and methods you’ll want to use.

Common Problems

Though well-versed in technical procedures and medical needs, you might not be well trained on how to best present products like implants to your patients.

We get it – you’re a dentist, not a salesman. Nonetheless, moments occur when you’ll need to make certain product options, such as particular implants, appealing to your patient.

Sure, you know you want to steer them towards your recommendation. But, when you were in school, you probably didn’t spend a lot of time in marketing or advertising classes.

This often leaves dentists feeling underprepared when presenting products.

Many dentists find the usual formula of discussing ‘price and needs’ works well for single-tooth treatments, but unconvincing when it comes to more extensive – and expensive – implants.

By nature, implants are more complicated, and you’ll need more of a boost when having a conversation about them.

To improve your implant case acceptance rate, keep the following in mind the next time you’re discussing a case with a hesitant patient. 

Build a strong relationship

It’s no secret that the better the relationship with someone, the more receptive you are to their advice. If you asked yourself, “Who do I trust for advice or guidance?”, you probably picture a close friend or family member, right?

You value their opinion because they know you well, for better or worse. As such, they provide stronger and more personalized advice than those who know little about you. 

And, if you’re hoping to improve implant case acceptance rates, that’s exactly why it’s so important to have a good relationship with your patients. Make an active effort to get to know them, even if it’s something as simple as asking about their hobbies, children, or vacations.

Even if you don’t remember all the details they provide, your patients will appreciate the effort, relax a bit, and begin the process of building that trust. And, when your patients realize you genuinely care about them as a person – and not just another case – they’re far more likely to accept your treatment advice.

No matter the treatment involved, stronger relationships remain the first step in improving your implant case acceptance rate. 

Find out why your patient wants dental implants

Knowing why your patient wants dental implants is another critical step in improving your implant case acceptance rate. Just like any other business, your patient’s satisfaction matters most. 

You can find the answer to this question by simply asking them why they’re interested. Once they give you their answer, start honing in on what appeals to them.

If a patient says they want implants for esthetic reasons, emphasize how the product will enhance their smile. If they have a big event coming up, like a wedding or reunion, emphasize the boost in confidence they’ll achieve.

If they’re looking for a better way to eat food, emphasize the durability & convenience the implants will provide.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should neglect the other pros of the products, it simply means you’ll want to keep them in your back pocket until a more appropriate time.

Grab your patient’s attention by discussing what they already want to hear, and then mention other factors as the conversation progresses.

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Let your patient talk

People like to talk. But, more importantly, people want to be heard.

That means the best way to improve your implant case acceptance rate is to make sure your patient is actively involved in a conversation. 

Encourage your patient to ask questions, and provide honest feedback.

The last thing you want to do is make a long-winded sales pitch. It’s not only dull, but also comes across as disingenuous. And, for the most part, it’s counterproductive.

A one-sided conversation also prevents patients from raising legitimate questions and concerns.

Provide your patients the chance to voice their worries. You’ll not only help them relax, but also demonstrate your compassion. Showing your concern for their well-being increases trust and strengthens the necessary relationship discussed earlier.

Also, note that patients often talk themselves into acceptance just by hearing their thoughts out loud. In fact, you’ve probably done it a thousand times yourself – if not for implants, then for a new car, new clothes, or even which restaurant to choose.

If you keep your patient talking, you might be surprised to discover how often they’ll talk themselves into your treatment plan.

Ask for a commitment

Sure, your goal remains to improve your implant case acceptance rate – or any treatment acceptance, for that matter. Nobody wants to waste their time. Not you, and not your patients.

A patient who feels they’re being held for a long time might feel like they are being bullied into a deal, making them less likely to go with your recommendation. 

While you want some sort of commitment from your patient, avoid coming across as pushy or insistent. An over-aggressive salesman is the nemesis of every customer.

Simply asking them, “Would you like to have this done?” is a great way to gauge interest, while giving them a chance to agree to the treatment at hand.

If they do, they’ll go home with the thought fresh in their mind, and less likely to have second thoughts afterwards. 

Improve Implant Case Acceptance by Reviewing all financial options

Finally, no matter how strong the relationship, no matter how badly your patient wants a new smile, cost always comes into play. Trying to sell an upscale option to a patient who can’t afford it isn’t just fruitless – it can be a frustrating and demoralizing process for your patient, too.

Payment options can be a deal-maker or breaker for patients with financial concerns. You need to present all of the various payment options upfront. There are a few different reasons to do so.

First, when you increase the number of options provided, you increase the likelihood one suits your patient.

Second, showing your patient all financial options from the beginning reassures them you care about what’s best for them, not just what’s best for you. 

Finally, by presenting all options from the beginning, it gets the process moving quickly.

Don’t go through payment options one at a time. Share all choices available, and provide the opportunity to share their voice.

Key Takeaways

Discussing dental implant options can be a long and trying process. But, as trying as it is for you, it’s a life-altering one for your patient.

Focus on having a genuine conversation surrounding the things most important to them. If you’re able to truly understand what is important to your patient, you are more likely to find a solution that makes them smile and leads to a successful deal.


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