Dental Restoration Products

Crown & Bridge

From full-strength and esthetic anterior zirconia to e.max and so much more. Get the dental restoration you need with materials you can trust!

Night Guards

Need 3D-printed night guards? We've got you covered! We also manufacture clear retainers, high/soft night guards, and soft night guards.


We specialize in dental implants, from screw-retained to cement–retained restorations. We also accept digitally scanned and traditional impressions for your cement or screw-retained dental restoration.


Whether you need pro-form mouthguard or a custom fit, you can rely on us!

Partials & Dentures

We create complete dentures, acrylic partials, metal frameworks, screw-retained fixed hybrid dentures, and locator dentures.

Digital Dentures

Speed up your workflow and boost your profitability, with dentures completed in as few as 2 or 3 visits. The best part? You don't even need an intraoral scanner to benefit.

Clear Aligners

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