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6 strategies for finding a quality dental lab

Last week, we offered a list of questions that you should consider asking before you agree to have a dental lab handle your needs.

This week, we remind you that identifying a quality dental lab is another critical step in ensuring satisfaction for both yourself and your patients.

So, here are 6 things to look for in a quality dental lab.

1. Communication

When you call the lab, does someone answer?

If not, do you get a return phone call in a reasonable amount of time?

When you send an email, how quickly does someone respond?

Customer service begins with answering your questions or responding to your needs in a timely fashion. People who work for a quality lab know and practice that.

2. Individual care

Sure, you are not the only dentist that lab services.

However, you should expect someone to spend a sufficient amount of time communicating with you as an individual before you sign on the dotted line.

Every concern you have — whether it be the quality of the materials used, the need for follow up visits or something else — ought to be addressed to your satisfaction.

3. Personal Testimonials

Think about how much more confident you will feel if people like you — fellow moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents — also have had a positive experience with the lab you are considering.

Sometimes those testimonials will be prominently displayed on the lab’s website.

But even if they are not, someone at the lab ought to easily provide you with a suggested name or two to confirm the top-notch nature of the lab you are evaluating.

4. Professional testimonials

You guessed it: Also think about how much more confident your peers also have strong relationships with the lab.

You also should go online and find out what, if anything, people from other industries are saying about the team working at the facility.

Reputation matters, and a lab with a sterling record of success will be widely respected.

5. Community involvement

It is always the little things that count, right?

If your dental lab sponsors a local youth sports team, that matters. If the lab assists the local Boys and Girls Club or a similar organization, that matters. If the owner of the lab is known by people at the local Rotary Club, that matters.

Look for those community connections; they ought to be easy to find.


6. Specializations

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the lab able to handle all of your patients’ needs?

Do they offer dentures, fixed restorations, implants, mouth guards, nightguards, orthodontics, partials, sleep appliances and splints? Is there an area they specialize in or shy away from?

A quality lab will be able to demonstrate familiarity with a complete range of dental services, and it also will back up its work with a clear refund policy.

Anything we missed?

We want to hear from you.

Is there other evidence you have used to evaluate the quality of a dental lab? Let us know! Just click on “contact us” to get started!


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