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Five Questions to Always Ask Your Dental Lab

No matter the circumstance, people are better informed when they ask questions.

This also is true when it comes to dentistry. As a dentist, you should only enter into a relationship with a dental lab after knowing some important facts about that facility and the people who work there.

And you should never demand anything less than complete and transparent answers.

Five questions to consider

Below is a list of five questions a representative of any dental lab ought to be able to easily answer.

Though this is not an exhaustive list, the questions allow you to gain a better understanding of the materials used by the lab and the procedures in place to guarantee top-level work.

1. Are the materials used by the lab approved by the American Dental Association?

Think of it this way: You get what you pay for.

If you are promised filet mignon at chuck steak prices, then you should know what you receive will be of dubious quality.

You want a product created with materials fully supported by the American Dental Association; such designations guarantee your night guard, crown or bridge work, implants or whatever it is you need have been vetted and approved.

2. What quality-control practices are used by the lab?

Much like no person is perfect, no lab is.

Mistakes happen. An employee of the lab ought to be able to tell you what the facility does to identify why something went wrong and to ensure it never happens again.

In addition, quality control ought to affirm that no product failing to meet ADA standards is inside the lab.

3. Is any work outsourced overseas?

This question does NOT imply work done elsewhere is not done well.

Rather, it recognizes that U.S. regulations might not be practiced in other countries. As just one example: Lead has disappeared from almost every U.S-made product, but that does not mean other countries adhere to the same standard.

If the lab uses less expensive options from other countries, be sure to find out what is inside those products.

4. How up to date is the lab’s personnel with industry practices and trends?

Much like teachers are required to constantly refresh their skills, employees of high-quality dental labs should engage in continuing education programs.

Doing so ensures they know the latest information about materials, practices and more.


5. Are you allowed to visit the lab before any work begins?

Remember when you were a kid, and the local school had a “walk your schedule” day?

The goal of that event: Put you at ease. The same applies here.

When you see the lab, you should see a clean facility, where people are informed about the work they do and who are eager to ensure you are satisfied before you hand them your hard-earned money.

You also want to make sure that the lab, which is an extension of your dental practice, aligns with your standards.

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