KeySplint Soft Custom NightGuards

Why You Should Choose Custom Nightguards Over One-Size-Fits-All

For many people, bruxism remains a chronic problem.

Whether it’s due to stress, sleep disorder, or something else entirely, bruxism affects an estimated 10% of the population—15% in children. That amounts to 33 million people in the United States alone.

With such prevalence of clenching and grinding, it’s natural for you to look not only for solutions, but the easiest ones as well. There are many solutions available to the general consumer, each with pros and cons.

Custom nightguards cost more than generic options, so you might wonder if the final product is worth the price on the tag. Although a cheap nightguard is better than none, custom options are always the more effective choice.

Choosing the right nightguard will go a long way toward maintaining optimal dental health.

There are Options

Although there are many over-the-counter options available, the one-size-fits-all approach can be hit or miss.

Generic guards may be relatively inexpensive, but rarely offer the best results. This is because without a proper custom fitting, basic nightguards tend to be uncomfortable, clunky, and ill-fitting.

Unless a nightguard is comfortable, the chances that you’ll use it as part of your nighttime routine is quite slim. After all, anything that detracts from a good night’s sleep is usually tossed aside and forgotten.

When you choose to go with a professionally fit custom nightguard, the results are almost always above and beyond generic alternatives.

It’s far more comfortable, and you’ll have an easier time incorporating it into your nightly routine.

Not only will your comfort level rise, but with professional guidance, you’ll get the best material for your specific situation.

Do your teeth show signs of extreme wear, indicating a severe bruxism case? If so, perhaps a harder material, such as an acrylic-based guard would be the best option.

If you have a mild or moderate problem with bruxism, perhaps a thinner, or softer material would be suggested. Although not always as robust, a softer and more comfortable nightguard generally means you’ll use it more frequently – which could be the most important consideration.

With the expert guidance of both your dentist and their dental lab, the most appropriate fit and materials will return the best results.


3D Printing for the Win

These days, 3D printed materials are revolutionizing industries across the board. And, the dental industry has taken notice.

After your dentist creates an accurate dental mold or digital scan, the results are sent to a qualified implant dental lab to work their magic.

That implant lab then takes the mold or scan, and create an ideal guard based on your unique bite structure.

3D printing helps eliminate human error, digitizing nearly the entire process. By harnessing its power, 3D printed materials offer fast, flawless results.

Not only are the results far more comfortable than over-the-counter options, the materials used in the manufacturing process are typically far more durable and comfortable than generic options.

As an added bonus, in many cases, your dentist can reprint your custom nightguard at a relatively inexpensively rate once your imprint is on file.

So, in the event that you lose or damage your nightguard, a new one can be created quickly and efficiently.


KeySplint – the Key to Success

Although a variety of options exist, we recommend KeySplint custom nightguards, by Keystone Industries.

The material used in KeySplint nightguards consist of remarkable properties. Not only is it one of the most durable options on the market, it is also quite flexible, which puts your comfort front and center.

These custom nightguards use 3D printing technology, meaning that any impression or scan is easily duplicated in a dental lab.

Achieving FDA clearance late in 2019, the material used is rugged, flexible, and most importantly, comfortable.

In many ways, these nightguards are akin to the Cadillac of the custom nightguard world.


Why You Should Use a Dentist to Build Your Guard

Are you suffering from bruxism?

You’ve likely considered an inexpensive option from your local pharmacy. But, will that really offer you the best solution?

Sure, they’re better than nothing at all, but the fact of the matter is they are usually bulky and uncomfortable. Not only that, they’re comprised of inferior and brittle materials.

Even the customizable at-home kits rarely create the best fit for your teeth.

When your dentist performs a proper scan or mold, the fit is guaranteed and far more comfortable to wear. Additionally, working your dentist will be able to offer much higher quality materials, leading to a longer lasting guard.

And, you’ll know more about your dental health and well-being, such as whether or not a nightguard is the only solution you need.



First and foremost, when nightguards are comfortable, you’ll be far more likely to use them consistently and appropriately.

Considering that bruxism often leads to a variety of problems, such as enamel wear, jaw pain, tooth pain, and even cracked teeth, any advantage in the fight against the grind is an important one.

Over-the-counter guards are better than none at all, but custom-fitted options are much more likely to be used and thus, be effective.

Talk to your dentist, discuss the options, and evaluate the situation. More often than not, custom-fit nightguards will be the best solution available.


Your First Choice

Along with servicing all of the implant needs you may require, First Choice Dental Lab also offers a variety of choices when it comes to nightguards.

With a wide range of materials, including the popular KeySplint nightguards, our expert staff can help guide you and your dentist on your journey to a better smile.

Tell your dentist to give First Choice Dental Lab a try, and we’ll get you the perfect custom nightguard!


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