Dentist using Intraoral Scanners for Implant Cases

Why It’s Time to Choose Digital Dentures

From Matt Cushing, CEO of First Choice Dental Lab:

At long last, digital dentures are here! Now, through major improvements in technology, dentures are possible within only two or three appointments.

So, what exactly are digital dentures? Simply put, they’re dentures created from start to finish with a digital workflow. Using intraoral scanning technology, the digital impressions are used in conjunction with special software & manufacturing equipment to deliver a high-quality denture in a fraction of the time.

So, what’s allowed for such a revolutionary upgrade in speed? Allow me to explain…

Seizing an opportunity for digital dentures

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a digital denture seminar at the Asiga North American headquarters. Our removables manager, Kim, and I, received two days of training from Asiga, 3Shape, and Dentsply Sirona, as part of this course.

The class explored digital denture workflows, as well as tips and tricks for designs, using our 3Shape design software.

But, there was much more to come.

Our training then continued on to nesting and printing the Digital Lucitone denture bases and Printed IPN teeth, using our Asiga printers.

Afterwards, Jimmy Stegall from Dentsply Sirona put his passion for craftsmanship on full display, guiding us through assembling, curing, and finishing our dentures.

The excitement for the dental industry overall, and for educating dental labs, in particular, was evident from everyone involved.

Every speaker in attendance made us proud not only to be a part of this industry, but to use their equipment, software, and products.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, or what role you play in it. When you see such levels of passion and pride on full display, you know you’re receiving the best quality and care available.

Overall Impressions

So, what’s the biggest takeaway from our two days at the Asiga facility?

It’s that digital dentures are now a high-quality, viable option these days – not just for economy dentures. Both the strength and esthetics of the new Dentsply Sirona materials truly impress and amaze, rivaling most traditional materials available.

But, even more impactful, the constantly evolving 3Shape design software, along with some of the workflows available for our IOS customers, mean innovation never stops.

We understand dentures aren’t always a favorite of many dentists.

But, when we show our customers the process for two-or three-appointment dentures utilizing their intraoral scanner, we sincerely believe many dentists out there will change their minds about where dentures sit in their practice.

Digital impressions - dental impression scanner
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Are Digital Dentures as good as traditional?

In addition to fewer appointments for your patient, digital dentures offer the ability to make a backup set that perfectly matches the original.

That means you can replace lost dentures, without needing to bring your patient back in and start over in a new, lengthy process.

Once designed and saved, you can reproduce digital dentures in the future exactly the same as your patient’s originals.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself: “Yes, but are they really as accurate as traditional dentures? Will they really fit properly?”

Let me put your fears to rest. Yes, digitally designed & produced dentures are every bit as good as those you’re more familiar with. In fact, using this powerful, modern technology actually produces a quality and consistency humans alone simply can’t match.

And, when combined with the knowledge and artistry of our highly experienced technical team, alongside the software, equipment, and materials available through 3Shape, Asiga, and Dentsply, the end result means we can create a product that excites dental technicians, wows dentists, and makes your patients smile.

Take advantage of modern solutions, today

It truly is a great time to be a dentist, a dental lab, and a dental technician, especially if you’re willing to embrace new technologies and processes. Digital workflows, advancements in 3D printers & materials, and the speed & accuracy of intraoral scanners all work together in a beautiful harmony.

Now, the production of implants, dentures, mouthguards, and any other appliances you can imagine, at the highest levels of quality. And, it’s being done in a fraction of the time once thought possible.

At First Choice Dental Lab, we’ve always viewed technology as a way to enhance the human craftsmanship that goes into our work. Because even while technology revolutionizes the industry, it’s that final, human touch that makes the difference.

Rest assured we’ll apply this very thought process when introducing the workflow of digital dentures, as well as any new technology that arrives to the industry.

At First Choice, our number one goal is, was, and will always remain, helping our customers’ practices run efficiently and make their patients smile.

So, how can we help make you smile today?

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