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Exploring Screwmentable Implant Crowns: Pros and Cons

In the realm of dentistry, the quest for perfection
and innovation remains a never-ending one. One remarkable advancement that has gained
significant attention in recent years is the screwmentable implant crown.

This technology represents a fusion of precision engineering
and patient-focused design, offering a host of advantages while presenting some
important considerations for dental professionals.

Let’s delve into the world of screwmentable implant crowns,
exploring what they are, their benefits, and any potential drawbacks or

What is a Screwmentable Implant Crown?

A screwmentable crown is a screw-retained crown made on a custom abutment (as opposed to a stock/premilled part), usually called a Ti-base. Although many benefits are similar to normal screw-retained crowns, it’s the customized design that sets them apart.

Unlike traditional cement-retained crowns, screwmentable crowns attach to implant fixtures using screws.

First, a custom titanium abutment is designed for the space. Then, a crown is designed to fit that abutment.

The crown is designed with a screw access hole in it, and typically cemented to the abutment in the lab.

This innovative design allows for easy removal and replacement without damaging the implant or adjacent teeth. The crown is precisely fabricated to fit the implant abutment, ensuring a seamless and stable connection.

zirconia dental restoration
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The Benefits of Screwmentable Crowns

  1. Precision Fit and Stability: Screwmentable implant crowns offer a precise fit, minimizing micro-movements and ensuring stability. This accuracy contributes to the longevity of the restoration and enhances your patient’s chewing comfort.

  2. Retrievability: As a dentist, you’ll no doubt appreciate the ease of maintenance and repairs associated with screwmentable crowns. Unlike cement-retained crowns, which require time-consuming procedures to retrieve, screwmentable implant crowns can be easily accessed for removal or adustments, saving you both time and effort.

  3. Improved Hygiene: Screwmentable crowns promote better oral hygiene. Because the number one cause of peri-implantitis is leftover cement around the abutment, the screwmentable crown eliminates this concern.

  4. Better Emergence Profile: Another major benefit to screwmentable implant crowns is a custom emergence profile in titanium, as opposed to porcelain or zirconia. Being able to have more of the subgingival emergence profile designed in titanium, screwmentable crowns tend to be easier on the surrounding tissue.

  5. Better retention: Screwmentable crowns are beneficial for situations in which a cement-retained crown may have little height or surface area for retention.
An image of a dental patient holding up a small mirror post-procedure. He's smiling, and the dentist is standing next to him. He may have just received an angled screw channel implant
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Drawbacks and Limitations

Although screwmentable implant crowns offer numerous benefits, it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks and limitations:

  1. Access Hole Esthetics: Screwmentable crowns still have an access hole through which the screw is placed. While angled screw channel (ASC) options can help take this off esthetic surfaces, in certain cases, it can sometimes still affect the overall esthetics, especially in the anterior region of the mouth.

  2. Limited access: Sometimes there is not much room for driver access through a crown, such as tight spaces in the posterior.

  3. Cost Consideration: While the long-term benefits of screwmentable crowns are significant, the initial cost might be slightly higher due to the precision engineering involved. Like any other product, custom designing and milling the abutment costs more than using a stock, premade part.

When the time comes, you’ll want to discuss it with your patients and weigh it against the advantages offered by the technology.

Bringing it Together

Screwmentable implant crowns represent a remarkable evolution in dental implantology, offering superior fit, improved hygiene, and enhanced flexibility for both you, and your patients.

While there are considerations, such as the presence of access holes and added cost of customization, the long-term benefits and patient satisfaction often make them a preferred choice in modern dental practices.

Of course, not every patient wants or needs the same style of implant. Weigh these factors, and consider individual patient needs, when deciding on the most suitable restoration method.

As technology continues to advance, screwmentable implant crowns stand as a testament to the ongoing pursuit of excellence in the world of dentistry, promising enduring smiles and improved oral health for patients around the globe.

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