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Digital Impressions Systems: Ten Questions to Ask Before You Purchase

Ready to take the plunge into digital impressions?

Ready to ditch the alginate and rubber base? Switching from conventional to digital impressions is not an easy decision for most dentists.

Once you decide to convert, the number of options can be overwhelming.

Before you make the call to your favorite dental equipment dealer, take time to become familiar with the various systems, their differences, and their similarities. Define exactly why you need to make the change.

Is your practice refocusing on implant restorations? Are you treating more TMJ patients? Is your ortho department growing? Asking the right questions will help you decide which system will meet the unique needs of your practice.


What to Ask About Digital Impression Systems

After evaluating your practice’s specific goals, prepare to talk with your equipment dealer.

These ten questions will help you focus the conversation on the system that best satisfies your practice’s needs.

  1. What type of equipment does my lab use and will this system be compatible with theirs?
  2. How fast do the scans take to complete?
  3. What are the range of uses and limitations on the system? For example, can it take photographs and help select shades?
  4. How long do the scanning tips last and are they autoclavable?
  5. What type of initial and ongoing training is provided for myself and my staff?
  6. Can I add notes and annotations to the files to improve communication with my lab technician?
  7. What is the cost for routine calibration, maintenance, and upgrades?
  8. Is the bandwidth in my office sufficient to run the system efficiently?
  9. How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
  10. Is there a monthly or annual licensing fee?

You will think of a thousand more questions as you research and get closer to purchase time. One of your best resources for information about scanners is your dental lab technician.

Speak with your lab about their workflow and the types of mills and printers they use.


Other Sources of Information

Great sources of information are other dentists who have already made the switch.

What do they like / dislike about the system they purchased? If they could do it again, what system would they buy? Don’t forget to talk with staff members who actually run the machines every day to get their opinion on the pros and cons of the system.


Learning Curve

Remember that technology cannot replace a clinically skilled dentist.

Learning to use a new system takes time and dedication. Training provided by the company you buy the system from only takes you to minimum competency.

To achieve mastery, you must use the system as much as possible and learn the tips and tricks to ensure the impressions meet the same or better standard of quality as your best conventional impression. Reports from patients leave no doubt that they prefer digital impressions over conventional ones. And aren’t they the ones who really matter?

Devoting time and resources to providing your patients with accurate impressions, a comfortable treatment experience, and high-quality outcomes should be a top priority.

Our technicians at First Choice Dental Lab® are well trained and familiar with many digital impression systems. We’re here to help guide you through this important transition for your office.

If you’re ready to give your patients a reason to smile, we’re here to help. Contact us to today to get a fee schedule, or send us your scans

Also, make sure to ask us about our scanner leasing program!



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