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You should use intraoral scans for fixed prosthetics, and here’s why

Over the last decade, intraoral scanners (IOS) have impacted the dental industry in a huge way.

Why? The reasons are simple.

Digital scanning makes the entire dental impression process easier on you as a dentist, easier on your patients, and it saves valuable time.

Conventional methods leave patients with a mouth full of “goop,” and the workspace a mess.

Intraoral scans cause little-to-no discomfort, take only a few minutes, and yield a more accurate digital dental impression.


Save time and money with intraoral scans

When deciding whether or not your practice should invest in an intraoral scanner, consider all aspects when it comes to the return on investment.

First are the significant cost savings in materials. No longer will you need rubber bowls, flexible spatulas, gooey alginate, and other expensive dental impression materials.

Consider the amount of money spent every month on these items – with intraoral scans, those costs are completely eliminated.

Not only will you be saving money on materials, the savings in time is substantial.

No longer will you need to schedule time for gathering and mixing materials, waiting for the plaster to set, or writing up the lab orders.

With less time chairside, you and your staff can attend to other patient needs or office tasks.

Think about the amount of time you and your staff spend taking and pouring up impressions. You and your team may be spending several hours every week doing this.

With intraoral scans, all you need to do is complete a form and click send. The lab will have your order instantly.

It takes long enough to produce a conventional impression once, but twice? No one wants to do that.

Yet still, 36% of dentists retake impressions three or more times every month.


Treatment plans explained

Another advantage of an intraoral scanner is the ability to show patients a visual aid while discussing their treatment plan.

By showing them their digital dental scan, patients are more likely to feel involved and proceed with the treatment. Images of their own teeth allow them to track and follow their progress, while knowing what to expect throughout their treatment.

Additionally, scanned images can become a great marketing tool for your practice.

Satisfied and emotionally engaged patients tend to spread the word about successful experiences to their friends and family.

Few products or services can give your practice the competitive edge an intraoral scanner provides.


Position your practice in a competitive market

It’s no secret that the dental world is a competitive field.

You rely on differentiators that allow your practice (and you) to stand out. Because many offices still do not have intraoral scanners, your technology becomes a marketing tool.

Having a digital scanner in your office shows that you are a forward-thinking practitioner. As your patients discover this benefit, word of mouth spreads and increases your patient retention.


Comparing scanners

Each brand and model of digital scanner comes equipped with unique features, characteristics, costs, and benefits.

When deciding which one to invest in, the first question you should ask yourself should be, “What do I want to use this for?”

For example, will you be using it for solely crown and bridge work? Or will you also use it for aligners and implants?

Different models excel in different areas, so make sure you know how you intend to utilize them for your practice.


Talk to your lab

It is also worth noting that while digital scanning is beneficial in most cases, sometimes it is advantageous to have a conventional model (anterior cases, large bridge cases, implant cases, etc.).

Your lab is a great resource and can help you in the decision about upgrading to a digital scanner.

Here at First Choice Dental Lab, we’ve worked with every type of intraoral scanner, and we can help you choose the best one for your practice. Additionally, we accept files from all scanning software.

Our team of lab technicians has a combined experience of over 150 years and we are here to guide you through each case. Our goal is to ensure that you and your patients get the most out of your digital dental scanner.

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