SmileCon 2022

SmileCon 2022: Bigger, Better, Bolder

The nation’s biggest festival and celebration for dentists is back! SmileCon 2022 is right around the corner, making its grand return with something for every dentist to learn and enjoy.

Taking place Oct. 13-15 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, SmileCon 2022 is a national event designed to bring dentists together in an environment where they can learn, network, have fun, and celebrate their industry.

2022 will mark the event’s second year since its hiatus during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year’s event in Las Vegas, offered a variety of presentations, including lessons on financial success & proper retirement planning, and showed off some of the newest technology in the industry. 

This year, event organizers are focused on making SmileCon 2022 even bigger and better.

A very special opening Speaker

This year’s event hopes to leave you with some key takeaways.

The American Dental Association (ADA) planned the expo to be larger than ever, giving you the opportunity to expand your network on a national level.

Dentists from out of the area are encouraged to view SmileCon 2022 with an open mind towards the unexpected. For example, this year, you can get a closer look at how the industry is specifically impacting one of the country’s biggest states, since it’s being held in Texas. 

The event will also hold multiple “Smile Zones.” Each of those zones will feature a large stage where you can take various courses and listen to incredible speakers.

The ADA already announced a huge list of noteworthy presenters visiting the convention. 

But, leading the way, Professsor Brené Brown is set to kick off the event.

This remarkable woman has written six bestselling books and spent the past 20 years studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. She’s also given one of the most successful TEDTalks ever, falling in the Top 5 most viewed worldwide.

Brown’s expertise will offer insight on how you can become a great leader and caretaker, two essentials in the profession.

Out-of-this-world presenter

Another fascinating speaker visiting SmileCon 2022 is Leland Melvin. Melvin, a former astronaut and NFL wide receiver, will take stage to tell his life story, pushing & inspiring others to follow their dreams. 

If you’ve a passion for STEM, you’ll appreciate Melvin’s expertise in the area. Melvin co-chaired the White House’s Federal Coordination in STEAM Education Task Force, working to develop a 5-year STEM education plan.

As part of his Closing Session address, Melvin will focus on engaging with your community, perseverance, grace, and ways to generate opportunities for success.

SmileCon 2022 Demonstrates the Latest Tech

Of course, attending SmileCon 2022 is about more than just listening to inspiring speakers.

The event also features multiple exhibits demonstrating the newest technology in the industry. These exhibits allow you to see first-hand some of the latest advancement and equipment available to dentists today.

If you’re in the market for new equipment for your practice, but want to see what’s available, there’s no better place to head.

Vendors & manufacturers across the board will display their latest equipment & newest technologies.

In addition, among them will be the Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award winners, recognizing those revolutionizing, simplifying, or advancing the dental industry. These represent some of the most critical developments in the field, so make sure you check them out!

Mock Trials

One of SmileCon’s most popular events makes a return this year, with the return of the mock trial. Held Oct. 15 at 9:00 a.m., it offers you a general idea of what a dental malpractice trial looks like in action. 

Here, you’ll discover the sort of evidence presented in court before a jury, as well as how questions are asked & answered by attorneys & dentists.

These trials provide you a better understanding of how standards of care are presented, defended, and judged in a real courtroom setting. 

Leading the event is Mitchell J. Gardiner, an assistant clinical professor of restorative dentistry. He’ll be joined by three attorneys who operate in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you’ve ever wondered what a legal battle might actually look like, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

SmileCon 2022 Smile Tank

Another popular return to SmileCon is the second ever “Smile Tank.” If you’re familiar with the show “Shark Tank”, then you’ll have a good idea of how it works.

Innovative, creative people with new ideas present before an already-successful council, hoping for investors or support. If the idea is solid and the pitch is good, then they’re offered help in developing the product.

At SmileCon 2022’s Smile Tank, the same thing happens, but with a dentist-focused approach.

The council will select five entries to present at SmileCon, choosing the winners from the group. The first place winner will be awarded $2,500, the second place receives $1,000, with the remainder receiving $500 each.

Opportunities for Recreation & Excitement

Of course, SmileCon isn’t strictly for business. There’s more than enough excitement in the area to keep both your days and nights fully booked.

For instance, SmileCon 2022 features a street fest outside the convention center Oct. 14, along Avenida de las Americas (Avenue of the Americas), one of the hottest districts in Houston for entertainment, food, and nightlife.

Samples of Houston’s finest, most signature foods will be available for free at the festival, while city-recognized drinks will be on hand to refresh you from any Texas heat. Once you’ve chosen your favorite flavor of Houston, you can purchase food from different food trucks, or a variety of local restaurants.

Other exciting events await you, too.

Both steer lassoing & leather-working lessons will be offered, in case you want to create a custom leather bracelet or luggage tag for your trip back home.

Or, if the mood strikes, lasso yourself a steer.

Head To houston for smilecon 2022

SmileCon 2022 easily has more to offer than can fit in a single article.

From mixers for new dentists & staff, famous speakers, the latest tech on the market, and much more await.

For a full look at festivities and lessons offered at SmileCon,  visit the ADA’s SmileCon website pages.

If you’re interested in visiting SmileCon 2022 click here to look at the different packages and deals available. Registration is now open.




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