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Could You Win the 2022 ADA Design Innovation Award?

Could your dental office win this year’s ADA Design Innovation Award?

Well, are you particularly proud of the interior design of your dental office?

Are your patients especially comfortable when they step into your office for their appointment? Or, did you recently remodel your office and love the transformation?

If so, then you might just have what it takes!

So, what makes the award so special? And what does it take to enter?

Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

What is the 2022 ADA Design Innovation Award?

The American Dental Association (ADA) Design Innovation Award was created to highlight some of the most beautiful and impressive dental practices in the nation.

After all, practicing dentistry means more than just taking dental impressions, X-rays, and cleaning teeth. It’s about making patients feel comfortable and welcome, and maintaining a happy, motivated staff. And, for better or worse, your workspace has a direct impact on these outcomes.

Not only do winners gain national recognition through ADA publications, but receive a prize of $1,000, as well.

This annual event features three distinct categories: New build, large new build (more than 2,000 square feet), and a remodel from the last three years.

Specifically, the contest is looking for dental offices that look good aesthetically and demonstrate efficiency in how the office functions.

In terms of looks, judges examine how interesting the space looks, as well as how color is used throughout. They also consider how your designs positively impact your patients’ experience.

In support of the ADA Design Innovation Award, BMO Harris Bank is joining the ADA Council on Dental Practice for the event. 

How Can You Enter?

If you’re looking to enter, the first thing you’ll need to do is download the official entry form, right here.

Then, you’ll need to email the completed form, along with either floor plans or photos of your practice, to the ADA, at

Anyone interested in submitting something for the ADA Design Innovation Award is asked to send at least one photo of the following: 

  • Operatories/Treatment Rooms
  • Dental office Exterior 
  • Reception Area
  • Doctor’s Office 
  • Staff Lounge
  • Laboratory 
  • Central X-Ray
  • Sterilization
  • Consultation Area
  • Front Desk and Business Area
  • Dental Mechanical Room
  • Technology Server Closet

You’re also encouraged to include a “before” picture if you’ve recently undergone a renovation. 

Submissions will be accepted from June 20, through August 19.

Judges will select three finalists from each of the three categories and post the finalists online.

From there, you’ll be able to have fun viewing them, voting on your favorites, and be inspired for some new ideas of your own.

Winners of the competition will be announced on November 7.

Why Does the Award Matter?

While this might seem like a simple competition, it makes a strong statement on the dental industry as a whole. Because, at the end of the day, your patients are what matter most.

For many people out there, going to the dentist is a stressful experience. For some, it’s even avoided at all costs – or at least great pain is involved.

When they step into your office, their first impression can set the tone for the rest of their treatment.

If your office presents a pleasant, warm, and welcoming environment, it will help uneasy customers feel more relaxed. No one feels reassured when walking into a cold, clinical room with a solemn chair and sharp tools next to it.

You want your patients to picture a safe, inviting place where they can go for help and treatment – not be reminded of scenes from a Saw movie. 

These subtle details can make all the difference in your patient’s experience.

Final Thoughts

While you don’t necessarily need to have the most beautiful office to successfully treat your patients, a welcoming environment is always preferable to a cold, drab appearance.

And, don’t forget, you and your team both spend a lot of time there – you may as well be comfortable, too!

Even if you’re not interested in submitting anything to the ADA Design Innovation Award, you can still follow along to see who is recognized this year. You might just find a few ideas for spicing up your own office environment!

Last year’s winners include Dr. Gary Cash, Dr. Jessica Cohen Orthodontics, and Mattson Hellickson Dental

If you would like to learn more about the competition, or are interested in submitting your practice, find out more, right here.




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