Mobile Apps for Dentists that you need to try

7 Mobile Apps for Dentists That You Need to Try

You probably remember the catchphrase spotted on countless t-shirts in 2011, mocking the near endless release of mobile apps growing in popularity at the time: “There’s an app for that.”

Whether you need a video conferencing app to communicate in the modern world, or just want a fake lighter for a concert, there always seems to be a program to make it happen. 

And, these days, the field of dentistry is no exception.

When it comes to tools to help guide you in your practice, there’s no shortage of apps for dentists to guide you through your day-to-day routine.

While some of the most common apps for dentists are used to improve dentist/patient communication, there are a host of others to choose from as well.

Whether it’s to improve appointment scheduling, brush up on your dental knowledge, or help educate your patients, here are a few you’ll definitely want to check out.

Apps to Improve Dentist and Patient Operations

Keeping your office running on-time and on-schedule is no easy feat.

Online scheduling is growing in popularity in all aspects of the medical community.

In fact, a 2020 study revealed that 67% of people enjoy the convenience of booking appointments online, compared to making them over the phone.

Most of these apps for dentists notify you (or an assistant) instantly if an appointment is canceled or changed, helping you stay updated with your day’s schedule.

NexHealth, for example, is a popular software designed to do just that.

Downloadable to your computer, the website offers a demonstration to see if it’s the right fit for you.  

Yet another app for dentists to keep your office running smoothly is DemandForce.

This software gives you the ability to send your patients push notifications, acting as a channel of instant communication for you and your patients.   

Apps that Help Your Patients Learn

When explaining problems and treatments, it’s common for patients to get a little confused.

To be fair, medical language can be difficult for the uninitiated to grasp – especially if your patient is distracted by pain, discomfort, or worry.

In these situations, the DDS GP app is just what you need.

This app is capable of visually representing over 200 demonstrations of various dental conditions and treatments.

It presents your patient with a clear picture of their situation, improving their understanding of the problem. Often, this is all it takes to improve treatment acceptance rates. 

Once your patient understands their condition and potential treatments, consider using the Dental Manager app to send their treatment plans to their phones.

The software also aids you in calculating the cost of your patient’s treatment.

You can then take the treatments for your patients and save it to databases through the app, which can later be shared with others, if needed.

Dentist using Intraoral Scanners for Implant Cases
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Apps for Dentists to Help You Learn

Looking for educational refreshers, second opinions, or some simple assists in your everyday work?

Yep, there’s an app for that.

If you’re still in the classroom, or just looking to brush up on your expertise, consider checking out Dental Expert.

This app for dentists offers a search feature, providing a series of flashcards matching the topic you search.

For example, if you searched “Implantology,” on the app, you’d find sets of mini-quizzes on the subject.

Or, if you’re looking to refresh your knowledge on a custom set of information, you can do that, too.

The app allows you to create your own personalized set of flashcards, with your own notes included.

You can even add photos to the cards, if you so choose.  

If you’re looking for something with a more niche function, a great one to consider is the BEWE Assist Calculator.

This app is specifically created to help you calculate and record erosion, based on images of an individual tooth.

The calculations are based off of the Basic Erosive Wear Examination (BEWE) index, and is a great tool to have on hand when working with patients.

And, with intraoral scanners growing in popularity, you might try out the Planmeca mRomexis app.

While intraoral scanners create incredible models of your patients’ teeth, the Planmeca mRomexis app is designed to store and present these 3D dental images.

You can zoom in on images, adjust brightness, or even change contrast settings to more clearly depict your captured images.

It also contains a feature which allows you and your patients to chart the progression of treatments and conditions.

Bringing It Together

Technology continues to expand its role in everyday life, often bringing a unique solution to an old problem.

Whether you’re looking for ways to simplify your scheduling, improve communications, or just brush up on your knowledge, these apps for dentists have you covered.

Whether on your computer or on your phone, they may just be the perfect tool you’ve been looking for.




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