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Shade Taking

First Choice Dental Lab recommends the Vita 3D Shade Guide for the most accurate shades. The VITA 3D-Master shade system covers virtually all tooth shades that occur in nature and is designed to provide systematic coverage of the entire tooth color space. The concept of the 3D-Master system is based on a color classification principle where value (brightness), chroma (intensity) and hue (basic color) have been positioned an equal distance from each other. Therefore, the shade determination can be easily carried out according to systematic criteria.

Vita 3D Shade Guides can be purchased through First Choice Dental Lab. Simply call 866-791-7025 and speak to our customer service team. Be sure to download the instructions for the shade guide(PDF).

Shade-Taking Tips

  • Take the shade before preparation. Dehydration after prepping makes the shade appear too white
  • Tooth shade should be determined in daylight or under standardized daylight lamps (not operation lamps)
  • Eyes tire after 5-7 seconds; make a selection quickly and accept your first decision
  • Avoid bright colors in the shade-taking environment; no lipstick, tinted eyeglasses or bright-colored clothes